If it is time to put away your clothes for the season, you can get a jump on next season by storing your clothes properly. A readily available and inexpensive method is to pack clothes in airtight containers with cedar chips or hanging them along with cedar sachets.

Make sure your clothes are free of detergents, colognes, deodorants or even that bacon from the last great breakfast at camp.  Prep your clothes to take on the cedar scent. Before washing them, run the washing machine once with only water on the hot with an extra rinse cycle and then once replacing your normal laundry products with pure baking soda.

The best options for drying the clothes are to line dry or hang them outside to keep them from gathering more scent from the dryer. It also gives them a chance to pick up a little outdoor scent.

If you want to drop some cash, major outdoor stores offer carbon bags for storing clothes, carbon enriched dryer sheets and fabric softeners. Carbon is a natural neutralizing agent and rapidly soaks up any scent and would be ideal for soaking up the rich cedar aroma.

Want get more serious about blocking scent? Another method is to layer the clothes with cheesecloth, dirt and cedar in an airtight container or vacuum storage bag.

  1. Put down a layer of cheesecloth.
  2. Add the folded clothes and layer dirt and cedar chips in between each layer.
  3. Finish up by removing all of the air from the storage bag or securing the lid.
  4. Store the container somewhere out of the way, where it will remain undisturbed until your next trip.

The longer the clothes stay locked away with the dirt and cedar, the better.