October 21, 2014
Pine Cones Plus has a found a great use for all those buckets of broken crayons. Wax pine cones make lovely Christmas ornaments, gifts and can be scented too. You can use all kinds of scents and colors to use year round. The activity includes the use of heat and wax, so it should always be overseen by an adult to keep the activity fun and...

Hunter’s Scent Block Cedar Chips Kit

Hunter’s Scent Block Cedar Chips Kit
Hunter’s Scent Block Cedar Chips Kit
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Cedar is one of nature’s own bug repellant and natural scent control for hunters. With this kit, you have convenient sizes to carry in your bag, on your person or in your blind. Use the 1lb bag of cedar in my scent bag. It is much more convenient than tossing in pine branches or leaves. These bags of cedar keep your clothes smelling natural without all of the debris in your bag. We recommend carrying the 2 small bags on your person in a pants pocket and shirt pockets. This is a way to help with scent control on your body. We also recommend hanging 2 or more small bags in your hunting blind or on branches near a tree blind to help with scent control.

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