Versatile Pine Cone Wreath

September 22, 2014

A simple pine cone  wreath  made from the ponderosa pine cones  from Pine Cones Plus can be used as a great base for holiday decoration and can be used  all through the year as part of a natural touch to your home’s décor.  Use a plain wreath for a table centerpiece with pillar candles at various heights, or as a wall or door hanging. You can add dried or silk flowers for fun Spring decoration or add ribbons, miniature ornaments and sparkle for the holidays. Enjoy!


  • Sturdy wire wreath base of any size of your choosing (check your local craft store)
  • Roll of light gauge florist wire
  • Pine cones of various shapes and sizes
  • Ornaments, ribbon, nuts, seed pods and items from Mother Nature
  • Wire cutters and pliers
  • Gloves – cones are prickly and gloves can make handling easier

Note: Finishing this wreath may take you several evenings or days.

  1.  Wiring the cones is the first step. Using a folded eight to ten inch length of heavy guage pliable florist wire, slip the looped end around the cone’s lower scales. Using pliers, twist wire together to ensure snuggly in place, leave wire tails intact. Continue this process on all cones. Various seed pods can be wired on at this time as well.
  2.  Take a selection of each wired size cone and place in a container of water. Leave in the water until they close up completely. This may take several hours depending on the size of the cones and how old they are. Cones that are older may not close. Snip the wire from them and leave them for use as filler. Once all cones are close, remove from the water and lay on an old towel.
  3.  Starting with a large cone, attach wire to bottom wire of base. Wire other cones snugly up to the first cone and so on. Wiring cones in different directions always remember to snug them up to the next one. Fit the cones onto the base working from the inside out, bottom to top. Your wreath may be up to eight inches bigger than the original size of the base.
  4. As the cones begin to dry, they will open up and mesh together to form a solid mass of cones. The cones may start to dry and open before you are ready to use them. Drop them back into the water and close them up making them ready for you when you need them.
  5. Once you have applied all the base cones, let them dry completely. This may take two or three days.
  6. Before you start adding other materials, take your project to a well-ventilated area (outside is best) and spray your wreath with a clear lacquer. This finish will also need to dry for twenty-four hours.
  7. Add ribbon, ornaments and other decoration and enjoy!

Decoration Ideas

  •  Use a plain wreath for a table centerpiece with pillar candles at various heights.
  • Use as a wall or door hanging.
  • Add dried or silk flowers and other decorations as needed for holidays.