Rabbits Love Pine Cones Plus

January 2, 2014

In the wild, rabbits eat a variety of coarse materials to help wear down their teeth. Pine cones are one their favorites!

Rabbit’s teeth grow continually. Instinctively, they will nibble and chew on just about anything. For those that have house rabbits that are not in a hutch, this can be a real problem. Without challenging activities (a companion and “approved” chew toys) your rabbit will get bored and this often leads to destructive behavior.

Rabbits can be very playful creatures and many enjoy toys to provide rabbits with an outlet for energy and curiosity and chewing. Providing them with safe chewable pine cones can help wear down their front teeth and possibly distract them from gnawing on their feeders, cages, wood furniture and baseboards.

Overgrown teeth can cause painful dental problems and health issues. Untreated, dental problems can be fatal to a rabbit. Pine Cones are “nature’s toothbrush” for rabbits and a healthy natural chew toy. Dried and cleaned pine cones are recommended by the House Rabbit Society and many others.

Our carefully dried, cleaned and pesticide-free pine cones provide an ideal cost effective toy and abrasive material your rabbit needs to condition their teeth. They also are a safe chewable toy for hamsters and guinea pigs.